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feel free to play or add these original New Cool playlist to your personal collecion.

neurotic society

This is a playlist for artsy folk.

Unorthdox sounds, ecltectic artists & unconventional lyrics!

Listen to this as you paint, create dopeness, or need creative inspiration.

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joka workout plan

You remember when Kanye West made a workout plan for all the ladies? Well Joka No Joke made his own.....and its not just for the ladies. Get that body right and tight to this playlist!

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new school hip hop

This is a playlist for people who love hip hop that came out after 2000. Hip hop is still alive, dont believe the hype!

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grown n sexy

This is for the grown folk that like to sip wine and two step. No need to buss a sweat to this playlist. Just chill with your boo and have a good time. 

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thank the lord!

This playlist is for those in need of some spiritual uplifitng.  Get in tune with your spiritual side with this playlist.

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Check out this kid friendly playlist that the New Cool Bicycle Gang jams to at every event! 

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