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​New Cool Events (NCE) is an event planning and event management company. Our main goal is to administer The New Cool in the form of memorable, engaging, and euphoric events.

What is New Cool Events?

  • Product/Service Release Events

    • Album/Songs Releases​

    • Fashion Shows

    • Baby Showers

    • Launch Events

    • Pop Up Events

  • Social Gatherings & Celebrations

    • Networking Events​

    • Birthday Parties

    • Special Interest Events

    • Retirement Parties

    • Anniversaries

    • Graduations

    • Holidays

  • Live Events

    • Musical Concerts​

    • Dance Competitions/Shows

    • Recitals

    • Comedy Shows

    • Basketball Tournaments

    • Dance Competitions

  • Community/ Non Profit Events

    • Block Party/ Cook Outs​

    • Fundraisers

    • Community Outreach
    • Afterschool Programs/ Camps

What services does New Cool Events offer?

1. We are PASSIONATE.  

We care most about the people having a euphoric experience.


Who better to host events for the new generation....than the new generation?

3. We are a GLOBAL.

We are not limited to one location. We are willing to travel the globe to help increase the cool factor.


We do not false advertise like many of our competitors.

4. We show LOVE.

Negativity is not allowed at our events. We will reserve the right to kick out party poopers.

5. More BANG for your buck....

You will leave filling satisfied with your investment. We can supply package deals that allows our clients to save a boat load of mula. 

What Makes New Cool Events Special?

Each event and client is unique. Give us a call at 708-571-0112 and we can answer that more precisely. 

How much are your services/ products?

the  evidence
live performances/ concerts
community events
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Phone: 708-571-0112

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