What is the “New Cool”?

 The New Cool is a school of thought. Way of Life. Belief System. Etc. Given to a shepard by the Most High,  The New Cool  is a revolutionary movement that uses creativity to challenge the old “cool” way of thinking. 


The New Cool mantra is a definitive way to distinguish his school of thought from others.There are a number of definitions of the word “cool.” One definition that Merriam- Webster uses is “ able to think and act in a calm way : not affected by strong feelings.” One definition that dictionary.com uses is“moderately cold;  neither  warm nor cold”.  The word new is defined in Merriam- Webster dictionary as “not old: recently born or created: having recently come into existence.” The word “new” signifies that this cool is different from what was called cool before 2017.

Both are effective ways of describing the thought process behind the New Cool ideology. We bask in neutrality. We practice temperance. Love is our main ingredient. 


8 pillars

The New Cool is governed and mandated by 8 pillars. These pillars are:

  1. To be a part of the New Cool, one must have a positive outlook on life.

  2. To be part of the New Cool, one must exhibit love daily.

  3. To be a part of the New Cool, one must be accountable for all of their actions.

  4. To be a part of the New Cool one must have integrity in every avenue they choose to travel.

  5. To be a part of the New Cool, one must respect the unknown.

  6. To be a part of the New Cool, one must be true to oneself.

  7. To be a part of the New Cool, one must be unconventional in your views & actions.

  8. To be a part of the New Cool, one must be a solution based / forward thinker.

our team

In 2012, Joka was stricken with the phrase "New Cool". He felt inspired to create a new "cool" because he never fit in into what society considered "cool" . After years of practice, dedication, education, and experience; Chicago has birthed an ARTrepreneur and a force to be reckoned with. 


Founder | CEO | Artist | Producer 


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