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What is the “New Cool”?

 The "New Cool " is a phrase used to describe a belief system created in 2012.  For more information, please click here. 


The New Cool L.L.C. is the parent company that manages the New Cool and all its subsidiaries. CurrentIy the main 2 New Cool subsidiaries are: New Cool Records and New Cool Events. 

new cool records

New Cool Records is the auditory subsidiary of the New Cool. The primary goal of this wing is to assist talented artists, established businesses, and innovative brands with delivering the "New Cool" mentality to the world...... via audio. 


Our services and products include:

- artist development

- artist management

- music production 

- songwriting 

- music distribution

- music consultations  

- content creation

- business administration (music)

new cool events

New Cool Events is the touch subsidiary of the New Cool. The primary goal of this wing is produce and manage signature events for our clientele and others.

Our services/products include:

- event management 

- event production

- experiential marketing

- guerilla marketing 

- content creation

- market research & analysis

- business administration (events)

The only requirement we have is that whoever we work with, share the New Cool mindset.

our team
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